Beach Houses and Condos Are Preferred over Myrtle Beach Hotels

If you are planning a fun and relaxing Myrtle Beach vacation, you might want to consider renting a cozy beach house or a homey condo rather than staying in a typical Myrtle Beach hotel. There are many great benefits to choosing a beautiful beach house or convenient condo over the usual Myrtle Beach hotel for your fun family vacation. Let’s face it, a long week in a cramped Myrtle Beach hotel room with two beds and one tiny bathroom doesn’t sound very comfortable or luxurious. And if you have children, you know how difficult it can be for them to go to sleep while the adults are still awake, read with the lights on, or watch television in the same open room. So why not get more for your money with an opulent beach house or a spacious condo rental.

Compared to a basic Myrtle Beach hotel room, you and your family will have much more space to spread out and relax without being on top of each other. Enjoy sitting on the comfortable sofa in the spacious living room while watching a fun family movie together or playing a competitive board game at the dining table. Unwind with a great glass of wine while appreciating the peace and serenity of your private balcony, porch, or patio. The entire family will enjoy a better night’s sleep in the quiet privacy of separate bedrooms after a long day of excitement and fun. You will not find that kind of abundant space in a regular Myrtle Beach hotel room.

Unlike a standard Myrtle Beach hotel room, a spacious beach house or condo rental will give you some of the wonderful conveniences of home. Most beach houses and condos come with a fully furnished kitchen. Make good use of pots and pan, dishes, utensils, a coffee pot, toaster, and more. With a little planning, you can enjoy the ease of making your favorite homemade meals. There is no need to dress everyone up and spend your hard earned money dining out every day of your vacation. That can get quite expensive. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to start the day enjoying a hot cup of your favorite fresh brewed coffee along with a delicious breakfast on your private balcony or lanai? This is a luxury you surely will not find in a common Myrtle Beach hotel room. Another typical amenity found in many vacation houses and condo rentals that you will not find in Myrtle Beach hotel rooms is a clothes washer and dryer. This delightful convenience will allow you to pack fewer clothes and tote fewer pieces of luggage on vacation. And perhaps the best perk of having a handy washer and dryer in your rental unit is that you can go home with no dirty laundry. Now that is a sweet ending to a wonderful beach vacation that you just would not have staying in a typical Myrtle Beach hotel.

Similar to most Myrtle Beach hotels, many beach houses and condo rentals are located steps from the beach and have refreshing swimming pools and relaxing hot tubs for your family to take pleasure in. Your family will also enjoy modern amenities such as flat screen televisions and DVD players while vacationing in most beach house rentals and condos. There are also a number of pet friendly units available if you happen to travel with a little furry friend. Be sure to check out all of the amazing amenities available so you can select the beach house or condo rental that is just right for your family.

Spacious beach houses are also preferred over Myrtle Beach hotels when vacationing with other families, traveling with a group of friends, or planning a family reunion. Often you can rent beautiful large beach homes that sleep up to 20 people or more. Enjoy more time together and bond with family and friends as you share cozy living spaces, cook sumptuous meals in the well equipped kitchen, and play outdoors. You can also share the rental cost, saving you and everyone else in the party a great deal of money. So whether planning a vacation for two or a large gathering of multiple families, be sure to check into beach houses and condo rentals. You will get more for your money and your family will enjoy the spacious, homey, and family-friendly atmosphere of your vacation accommodations.